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Last Call for Masquerade Music Requests for A-Kon 25!

Here is your happy reminder that music requests for the Masquerade Ball will close at the end of April!

We would also like to remind everyone that there is a strict dress code and it WILL be enforced. Not sure if your attire fits the rules? E-mail Cosplay Staff at!!

** How to request music **

To make sure we understand exactly what your music suggestions are, please list artist, song name, and if available, a youtube link to listen. If it is from an anime, movie, cartoon etc, please list that information as well.
We will accept suggestions until the end of April.

**What kind of music should I suggest?**

- Ballroom music (Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep etc.)
- Music from anime, games, and music that is dance-able in a ballroom setting
Need ideas? Check out this site:

** What type of music should I NOT suggest? **

- Music that varies too much in tempo
- Songs with no distinct/easy to follow beat
- Rap
- Dubstep
- Electronic Dance/Rave Music
- Pop (That’s not dance-able in a ballroom setting)

We will listen to all suggestions emailed, however please understand we cannot play ALL suggested music.

There will be NO requests at the actual event so please make sure to get in suggestions before the end of April!

You must email your suggestions and requests to Otherwise, they will be ignored.

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