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Damn you DMMd game and various BL things in general.

If I had time and money I would be up to cosplay something for the con in what..2 weeks? I haven’t been excited about cosplay in years. No seriously. Ask mindtailor how much a hell I have put her through about it. (Woo body image issues)

I will have to do a DMMd cosplay. I just won’t be a hot dude. I leave that to the professionals. (Lookin’ at you Caroline & Destiny)

Also, if I have a good time at this con, I’m going to have to drag the lovely gf with me next time. For cute couple? cosplay goodness of some sort. Maybe. I want to do a skit for a contest pretty badly…

Sorry so many random text posts lately. This is what happens when I’m waiting on clients to send me info and I let my thoughts wander into fujoshi-town.

Alrighty…getting kinda pumped for YaoiCon. We are going to start planning a bit tonight since none of us have been the SF or know the area.

My god I need to magic some more money up before the trip. Travel is expensive! Texas is car country, so public transit is mediocre or non-existent.

Also excited about learning how the convention is run on the outside and inside. For reasons. 

I’m ready to learn and have fun yo!

Ok back to work…

Then more dmmd (Finally finished first run through last night…with Noiz…now going back to hit all the other routes. I’m in the middle of Clear’s route right now!) and my belly dancing class. 

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