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I know this is a small con. But it’s like a ghost town right now. My guess is everyone is at the infamous auction?

How is a lady going to socialize when there is no one to socialize with?

…even the bar is near empty. That’s all kinds of weird.

Also, there’s nothing to do during the main event. On a Saturday night. Where are the panels and panelists?

Yaoi-Con Day 1: Complete

I have never been to this con before. It has been an adventure of a day. I’m dead so I shall make a few brief items to mention:

  • Everyone is chill and super nice. No seriously.
  • The swap meet was awesome and a vendor had Gundam Wing things. I bought a few of said things. 
  • I got to stop by hasuyawwn​’s booth and proceeded to buy hella cute art. Also she is adorable!
  • Holy hell super awesome Gundam Wing cosplay group! Adorable DMMd cosplayers. Dio Brando.
  • I am sad at the lack of JoJo items. Also, would like to see more OT3 for Free!….but that’s just one of my personal fangirl wishes. A girl can dream. 
  • I sang twice at karaoke. White Reflection was ok….though I think alcohol was still very much in my system. Also sang Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid because why the hell not. Went well I think. (Also Reika was at karaoke and she sang. She was cute!)
  • After karaoke I stepped into what I can only call the The Big Gay Twilight Zone. I think it was Bingo…but bingo was over by the time I got there. All I know is there were dudes in cosplay and doing fanservicy things. Audience won prizes. Cosplayers lost more and more clothes. There was also a video that reminded me of early 90s MTV…with various yaoi anime clips mixed in. CANASTA!
  • I bought many gay things. They are cute gay things. I am ok with this.

Sleep now.


Anonymous asked:

(shekindlystoppedforme) I'm not aloooooone! I was wondering if I was the only dork that still goes back and re-reads GW stuff!

Nope! The fandom is still alive, albeit much much smaller. And we all get along pretty well regardless of pairings and preferences. Fan art and fics are still being written too. It’s nice :)

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