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So…we don’t have snow but we have ice pellets. At this moment we have 4 inches (and growing by the hour) of shaved ice everywhere you go. It’s neat, but stupid dangerous on roads.

And here I am super excited for the weather.

I love when winter is actually wintery here. It brings me so much genuine joy. 

However, it makes people become the biggest assholes at grocery stores because OMG WE WILL ALL DIE!!!!1 BUY ALL THE SURVIVAL THINGS EVER! LIKE HOT POCKETS AND BEER!

While I know many of you have normal snow and actual winter, we here in Texas have no idea what to do when such weather occurs. We don’t have snow plows or trucks to really clear roads at all. So everything shuts down more or less. Plus we get less in the amount of snow, and more in the holy shit black ice everywhere sorta thing.

….and in about 4 days it will be in the 70s again.

Texas is a special place.

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  1. spaceloveandrobots said: Speshul
  2. superhappygenki said: Poptarts are, for some reason, really good sellers during bad weather (so, too, is the beer)… even when people actually have enough food at home and probably shouldn’t be leaving in that weather?
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